Johnson City High school's principal has a new title.

The school's principal Kimberly Beukema is now the New York State Principal of the Year, according to the Administrators Association of New York.

Beukema is praised for helping to maintain high graduation rates despite rising poverty levels in the district.

Last year's graduation rate was 87 percent while the poverty rate is 67 percent. The school is working toward it's goal of a 90 percent graduation rate this year. Beukema says she couldn't have done it alone.

Johnson City Principal Kimberly Beukema said, "It's really recognition for the teachers here and the staff members with how hard that they work. We have almost 800 students here at the high school so there's no way one person could be doing that it's really the work of everyone jumping in and doing everything that they can to make our kids lives better for their futures."

Beukema will be honored for her accomplishments at an awards ceremony on May 8th in Albany.