A Binghamton Councilman and a Broome County Legislator teamed up earlier tonight to talk to residents about the science behind possible flood areas on the East Side of Binghamton...

Councilman Bill Berg and County Legislator Jason Garnar hosted the community meeting at the American Legion on Robinson Street, to allow officials from the Broome County Soil and Water Conservation District to inform residents about the walk through study they recently conducted at Chamberlain Creek.

This was in response to both Berg and Garnar receiving numerous calls from residents this past year who were concerned about the creek's high water level after it rains. Some residents felt that some issues were still not addressed, like who will be responsible for assessing the creek damage around their properties. But legislators say that this problem is not a quick fix.

"We didn't get the answers that we wanted tonight. It sounds like it's going to be a much longer process. And that is concerning because there's the spring, and the thaw, and more flooding," said Marcia Blackburn, an East Side Binghamton Resident.

"There's a number of jurisdictions that are involved here. It's unfortunate that there's not just one agency that can take care of this. The DEC is responsible, the city is responsible for some areas, landowners are responsible for some areas, so this is something we're just going to have to work together on," said Jason Garnar, BC Legislature Minority Leader.

Garnar says the next step will be to get recommendations from the Broome County Water and Conservation District and then start to meet frequently with county, city and DEC officials to figure out who is going to step up to the plate.