More details and reaction to the deadly Town of Danby police standoff.

Tompkins County Sheriff Ken Lansing provided a summary of events to the Tompkins County legislature Monday night.

Authorities say on December 30th police tried to serve a felony DWI arrest to David Cady, who fired at police and then barricaded himself inside his Hornbrook Road home.

Cady eventually released his wife and children and was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on January 2nd. The sheriff said said there was considerable negotiation and ongoing attempts to communicate but that Cady did not respond and leave the home. officers said armored vehicles were deployed, both to protect police from gunfire and the cold. Despite the use of tear gas, robots, and an armored bobcat, none succeeded in getting Cady out.

The town of Danby supervisor has requested an independent review of the incident's after-action report. Cady's widow, Melissa Cady, spoke as well. She questioned police leadership and disputed reports that her husband had compiled an arsenal and traveled to Pennsylvania to buy ammunition. She says they traveled to Pennsyvlania to visit family. She said her husband was suicidal and needed help and that she needs answers.