By Fox 40 Staff.

Some new laws are on the books in New York State this year -- and a few of them are geared toward helping veterans.

Businesses can now receive a tax credit for hiring a veteran. The credit is equal to 10 percent of the total amount of wages paid to the veteran during their first full year of employment.

If the veteran is disabled, the credit amount is increased to 15 percent.

Another law is geared toward assisting homeless veterans, providing them with housing and housing related expenses.

A director at Sage Trucking School says all the companies it places students with hire veterans. He feels this credit will give those companies even more incentive.

John Snider, Sage School Director said, "veterans bring something to the plate as far as they have a really good work ethic. They know what it is to show up on time they know what it is to do a good job. they have stick-to-tiveness."

Army veteran Antonio Phillips said, "you worked in the military for a while you get used to that life then you finally get out you wanna have a different life. When businesses offer different incentives for soldiers who come back from war-- it helps them restart over.

Veterans in need of a job can contact the local Vet Center on Chenango Street in Binghamton.