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FOX 40 (HD) High Definition F.A.Q

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Now you can see the area’s best sports and prime time programming in crystal clear (HD) High Definition. Below you will find a list of answers to frequently asked questions.

On April 16, 2009 WICZ made the digital television (DTV) transition.

For viewers who rely solely on over-the-air transmission (rabbit ears and antennas on roof tops) to receive free over-the-air broadcasts and critical emergency alerts, they will be required to choose one of the following three options:

1) Purchase a DTV converter box that will convert the digital signal into analog in order to be transmitted digitally through their analog television (see attached information on the TV Converter Box Coupon Program).

2) Obtain a digital television set with a built-in digital tuner.

3) Subscribe to a cable or satellite provider which will allow their analog TV to continue to function.

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Does WICZ TV FOX 40 offer their programming in high definition?

Yes. FOX 40 has offered all FOX (HD) High Definition programming since January 25th, 2006. See below for a list of shows currently available in HD (this list was last updated on Jan. 26th, 2006).

Fox (HD) -

Prime Time Shows - Virtually all Prime Time shows currently air in HD.

Morning / Late night - Fox News Sunday

Sports - NFL football (select games); MLB baseball (All-Star Game, Playoffs, World Series), NASCAR

Resolution: 720p

For the most accurate listing of shows available in your area click here

What channel is the WICZ TV FOX 40 HD channel?

There is currently only one way to view this channel -

Over the Air Signal (FREE) - Fox broadcasts on channel 8 but will appear on most digital receivers as channel 40-1

Cable - Available Soon

Satellite - this is currently not available in this area

How is high definition programming different from analog programming?

Plain and simple - The HD signal is digital resulting in crystal clear, noise-free pictures and CD quality sound.

Benefits of HD -

Aspect Ratio - What we have watched for many years is a television in a 4:3 aspect ratio. Newer sets that are capable of handling a high definition signal are now 16:9. 16:9 takes advantage of a wider picture, much like the "picture" that we see through the human eye. This results in an overall better viewing experience.

Resolution - A typical analog signal is approximately 330 lines of resolution. A high definition signal holds at least twice that, resulting in a far superior image.

Other resolutions of reference :

VHS - 240 lines of resolution

DVD - 400 - 480 lines of resolution

Digital Sound - HD programming is broadcast in digital and in most cases Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. With the proper audio equipment this will result in a "theater-like" sound. The best example of analog vs. digital sound is the way cd's sound in comparison to audio cassettes.

What will I need to view this Channel?

Over the Air Signal - To receive an over the air signal an antennae is required. Not all HDTV's come with a built-in tuner that can receive high-definition programs over the air by simply connecting an antenna. Sets that have them built in are typically called integrated HDTV's. If your TV does not have a built in tuner, this is usually referred to as an HDTV ready or HDTV compatible set. If you buy an HDTV ready set, you'll also need to connect a separate tuner (or cable or satellite box) to watch high-definition programming.

Do I need to use an outdoor antennae?

No. It is not necessary, but it is highly recommended. Many people will have success with an indoor antennae, but an outdoor antenna will give you the most signal strength for your HD receiver to to decode.

For more information on antennas and which one is right for you click here

What will I see if a program is not offered in High Definition?

WICZ TV FOX 40 "up converts" all of it's standard definition programming so that it appears to be a 720p HD signal. This programming will look better than an analog signal, but not as good as a true high definition signal will.

You will also notice that the picture is centered on the screen and that it surrounded by two gray bars on either side of it. This is because it's original aspect ration is 4x3. A true high definition signal will fill the whole 16x9 screen.