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NYS All-State Football Teams Announced

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The New York State Sports Writers Association Announced their Class B, C and D all state teams today. Here are the representatives from Section 4. 


Player of the Year-Lucas Scott, RB (Chenango Forks)

First team

Matt Paske, OE (Chenango Forks)

Jonathan Goodspeed, DL (Chenango Forks) 

Second Team

Hunter Gibbore, OL, (Chenango Forks)

Gio Fabi, DL (Owego)

David Hallett, LB (Waverly)

Third Team

Ryan Brozovic, RB (Maine-Endwell)

Ethan Brown, LB (Chenango Forks)

Fourth Team

Ben Miller, LB (Owego)

Fifth Team

Griffin Mills, QB (Norwich)


Player of the Year-Logan Haskell, RB (Susquehanna Valley)

First Team

Liam Matthews, OE (Sidney)

Trevor Frable, OL (Susquehanna Valley)

Mitchell Knapp, LB (Susquehanna Valley)

Caden Bennett, DB (Newark Valley)

Second Team

Brian Titus, DL (Susquehanna Valley)

Third Team

Ethan Reed, QB (Windsor)

David Flora, OE (Windsor)

Connor Brown, OL (Susquehanna Valley)

Jack Beattie, DB (Windsor)


First Team

Emmett Wood, RB (Tioga)

Dominic Wood, DL (Tioga)

Nick Lamoreaux, LB (Walton)

Brady Worthing, DB (Tioga)

Nate Erickson, DB (Greene)

Second Team

Kalib Manning, RB (Groton)

Morgan Condon, OE (Walton)

Cole Williams, OL (Tioga)

Jordan Blincoe, DL (Walton)

Aaron Howard, DL (Tioga)

Dylan Jacob, DB (Walton)

Here's the link to the full teams http://www.roadtosyracuse.com/reference/all-state-2019-b.shtml#.XhZPNVVKhhE