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Orthodox Catholic's Celebrate Christmas on the Julian Calendar

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Many of us have already taken down our Christmas trees, but Orthodox Catholics are just starting to celebrate.

Many spent the evening at St. Michael's Orthodox Church to celebrate Orthodox Christmas Eve.

Orthodox Catholics use the Julian Calendar which has the birth of Christ as January 7th.

Even so, Father Jim of St. Michael's says it doesn't matter when you celebrate Christmas, as long as you do celebrate.

Father Jim Dutko, a Priest at St. Michael's Orthodox Church, said "It's a not a question of a date... It's the question of a presence and to be open to the presence no matter when it is... So to all of my friends that have already celebrated... Be open to the awareness that God does love us... And for us who are about to do this... Awareness that we are not alone... We live in a visited place... There are gifts for us but gifts to be given too..."

St Michael's celebrated with a service and carols sung by the children in attendance.