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Couples Prepare For Their Big Day at Terra Cotta Bridal Show

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Future brides and grooms are planning for their wedding day at the first bridal show of the year in the area on Sunday. 

The Terra Cotta Bridal Show featured dozens of vendors including florists, photographers, DJs, travel agents, and wedding planners, who gave their insight into how to prepare for the big day. 

"Make the process a little longer, do a year...you need a year, so you get to go to all the shows and get to enter the sweepstakes and get to see everything that you could go and do," advised Evelyn Mozgawa, Manager at Ye Olde Country Florist. 

Couples joined their family and friends to get ideas and make decisions, like Richard Cameron and Jasmine Williams from Elmira, who have 9 more months until they tie they knot. 

"I mean we do have about half the stuff ready but we like to see and get ideas," said Cameron.

"We still need flowers, and cake, and a photo booth," said Williams. 

The bridal show offered deals and discounts to those attending.