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Locals Share Their New Year's Resolutions

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New Year's Day brings the opportunity to better yourself over the next 365 days, whether it be small changes or specific goals.

Maliah Harper said "to make more money"

Kyla Kelly said, " I guess my current new year's resolution is to be happier and my fiance and I just approved to do foster care so we are looking forward to helping out some kids..."

Statista reports that the top three resolutions are eating healthier, staying active, and managing money better, but about 80 percent of resolutions are doomed to fail, and some locals definitely fuel that specific.

Harper also said "No because I always spend my money"

Tamara Brooks said, "Every time you make one it seems to go awry so I've tried to keep reasonable goals..."

One solution might be to just pick simple easily attainable goals.

Brooks also said "You just be kinder to others... That always seems to work out for me..."