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JC Police: Binghamton Man Had to be Tased Twice in Order to be Handcuffed

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Binghamton man is facing multiple charges after an altercation with Johnson City police on Thanksgiving evening.

On Thurs. Nov. 28, around 5:40 p.m., Johnson City Police received a report of physical domestic violence involving a female victim and a highly intoxicated male, Nathan E. Walker, 27, of Binghamton.

Upon arrival, an officer spoke with the victim who stated that Walker had gotten too drunk and began arguing with her before punching her, smashing a chair within the residence and picking a fight with another male at the residence.

When the police officer arrived, Walker became immediately confrontational, threatening to take the officer outside and beat him. The offer attempted to calm Walker down, but Walker instead became more aggressive, grabbing and pushing the officer causing them both to fall to the floor. The officer's glasses were knocked off, his uniform ripped and his badge torn off of his shirt.

Another officer at the scene attempted to handcuff Walker, who reacted by actively fighting both officers. Officers were unable to restrain Walker, and he was subsequently tased. He then attempted to get back to his feet, grabbing at the officers, before he was tased again.

After this second shock, Walker was compliant so he could be handcuffed and taken to the police station. Once at the station, Walker once again became belligerent and uncooperative, making it impossible for officers to photograph him or get his fingerprints for processing.

Walker was taking to Central Arraignment at the Broome County Jail where he was arraigned for a number of crimes including:

Criminal Mischief in the fourth degree -- a misdemeanor
Obstructing Governmental Administration in the second degree -- a misdemeanor
Resisting Arrest -- a misdemeanor
Harassment in the second degree -- a violation

Walker was subsequently released by the presiding Judge.