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Tioga wins in nail biter over Walton 44-36, advance to Regionals next weekend

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The Class-D final between Tioga and Walton was everything that it had lived up to, a close batter between two great programs that ended in the Tigers winning 44-36.

It was a back and forth game in its entirety and came down to the last drives for the two Class-D powerhouses. Walton got on the board first from their first drive of the game, and had fought on the coattails of Tioga for the rest of the game. 

Each quarter had either leadership change or a tie into the bitter end, and both teams did not go down without a fight.

Tioga was lead by the legs of both Senior Quarterback Brady Worthing and Sophomore Runningback Emmett Wood. Both were the sole scorers for the whole game.

Walton was piloted by Senior Quarterback Dylan Jacob, and a supporting cast in Nick Lamoreaux, Kayleib Stanton, and Skylar Pescout.

Tioga came out on top in the final quarter of play, thanks to Worthing, who ran in a 25-yard touchdown with just under five minutes remaining in the game.

Tioga moves on to play the Class-D winner out of Section III next weekend at Vestal High School.