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Exhibit Remembers My-Lai Vietnam 50 Years Later

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When what happened in My-Lai, Vietnam was publicized, historians say it added fuel to the anti-war movement. 50 years later, an exhibit at the Broome County Library is remembering the civilian lives lost in My-Lai. 

The United States government estimates over 300 men, women, and children were killed by U.S. soldiers during the My-Lai attack. The Vietnamese government says that number is more than 500. 

"We're looking at the cost of war, not just for us and our veterans, but for the people in the countries we go into war in," says exhibit creator Mac MacDevitt, "And so I've used a lot of their voices in the exhibit and my hope is that the people that come here will get a better sense of the tragedy of war."

MacDevitt says he hopes the exhibit serves as a reminder that war is a last resort. He says this is the 17th stop of the exhibit, which is touring around the country.

The exhibit will be open at the Broome County Library through Saturday November 9th.