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Proposed Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Plant Hopes to Revive Endicott, Citizens Worried About Environmental Impact

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Lithium-ion batteries power your phone, laptop, and electric vehicles, but where do they go once they're dead?

A proposed lithium-ion battery recycling facility could be coming to Endicott. This plant would be one of the first of its kind in the US.

The 10 million dollar facility is set to be located on the Huron Campus at 801 Clark Street, a former IBM building. 

Tonight, November 6th, the company hoping to build the plant (SMCC) hosted a meeting to inform the public and answer questions. The feedback was widespread.

"We feel that bringing it to a place like Endicott will revive Endicott to maybe a faction of what it was at one time. We'll be bringing in jobs, but not only jobs, we'll be bringing in growth that's going to happen over the next decade," said Danish Mier, the president of SMCC.

Mier estimates about 100 jobs will be created, with potential for more growth. Some people at the meeting weren't so convinced.

"Well it's going to be emitting a lot of toxins into the air. And there was no DEC public hearing. The DEC has been very reluctant to give out any information about this new facility, this proposal," said William Houston of Concerned Citizens of Endicott.

Mier says construction could start as early as next week and last for about four to six months. Before they can break ground, they need the final environmental permits.