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Congressman Brindisi Holds Veterans Resource Fair on Election Day

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Congressman Anthony Brindisi's seat may not be up for election today but the 2020 election will see him defend his seat.

He hasn't gone into details on campaigning just yet but he does want to continue to serve the area as a congressman.

Brindisi said "I'm gonna do the job that everyone elected me to do... I want to represent 100% of the community whether you supported me or not... And we'll have a lot of time for elections and campaigning down the road but the most important thing for me right now is doing the job that people elected me to do...."

And since Brindisi wasn't busy with elections this evening, he spent his time hosting a Veteran's Resource Fair.

Veterans visited the gym at SUNY Broome to learn more about the resources that the county offers for them.

Organizations like the VA, Clear Path for Veterans, and Southern Tier Support Group were all in one place so that visitors could learn about medical services and how they can reach out for help if they are struggling.

Dennis Fogg, Volunteer Service Manager for Syracuse VA Medical Center, said "As a veteran myself it's great to see everyone who's here and all the other services... They can go around and see not just one area... But other aspects of the community as well that's out there... Like the red cross and clear path as well... So we can actually see what other opportunities there are out in the community..."

Brindisi also said, "And I found that it is also very nice to get the organizations together because sometimes we all get in our own world and might not be sure what others are working on so this is also an opportunity for them to come together and learn about each others programs..."

One of the issues mentioned that the organizations were looking to address is the high suicide rate in the veteran community, and the fair is a way for them to get the help they need.