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Meet Friday's Furry Face: Zeke

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Meet this week's adorable Furry Face!

This week we have Zeke. He's a sweet gray and white tiger cat. Zeke has a curious, playful soul. Whether it's playing with other cats or his human friends, he's always up for a good time. 

Zeke is special and needs a home who can give him the attention and love he needs. He suffers from seizures and needs his medicine regularly. Because of this, it's been hard for him to find a home. He's been with Every Dog's Dream Rescue for a long time waiting to go home with his forever family. 

Zeke is a sweet boy and would truly brighten anyone's day. For more information or to adopt Zeke, contact Every Dog's Dream Rescue by calling the Petco in Johnson City at (607) 798-1430.

Every Dog's Dream Adoption Center is inside the Petco located at 420 Harry L. Drive in Johnson City.