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Travel Advisory for City of Binghamton Starting Tomorrow

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The Prospect Mountain Construction will impact traffic in the City of Binghamton starting this Monday, October 7th through Friday, October 11th.

First, long-term lane closures:

  1. In the right lane on 17E, between Exit 72 and Broad Ave.
  2. In the left lane on 7S, between Exit 4 and Robinson St.

Second, several highways will be reduced to one lane:

  1. On 81N/17W between Exit 3 and Exit 4A
  2. On 81S between Exit 5 and Broad Ave.

Finally, alternating lane closures:

  1. On 7S between Bevier St. and Exit 4
  2. On 7N between Robinson and Frederick St.
  3. On Broad Ave. between Abbott and Bevier St.
  4. On Bevier St. between Chenango St. and Broad Ave.