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The Binghamton Forum Theater Celebrates 100 Years

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Through multiple owners, thousands of attendees and a century of performances, the Binghamton Forum Theater celebrates 100 years. The forum hosted a community open house for those who were interested in parts of the theater's history. Planning for the open house started back in may. Alongside the history their was food and music being played from the theater's own Morton Theater Organ.

"It started out in 1919 as the Binghamton Theater. And then it became the Capri Theater, and for a short period the Tri Cities Opera actually owned the Theater and the county took it over," said Ron Sall, president of Friends of the Forum. "And it became the Forum. Albert Nocciolino, and the opera, and Philharmonic were performing here for some where around 50, 60, 70 years altogether."

The forum is currently receiving upgrades to help provide a better experience for those who are hard at hearing. The "hearing loop" is planned to be completed within ten days and it will make performances sound much better for those who suffer from hearing loss.