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Maine-Endwell High School Teacher Rachel Murat Celebrates Teacher of the Year

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Maine-Endwell High School Teacher Rachel Murat came back from Albany just yesterday, as she received the 2020 New York State Teacher of the Year Award. There were many things that made her stand out just from visiting her classroom  - comfortable and flexible options for seating, the use of technology accompanied by multiple televisions, and her energy. 

"There's a lot of things that she probably wouldn't tell you that she does - she has a great sense of humor, a great caring sense, and the time she puts in outside of the classroom," said Maine-Endwell High School Principal Tom Burkhardt.

Murat was a finalist for the Teacher of the Year in 2019, but this year she took the title. Along with teaching multiple subjects, Murat is involved in extracurriculars and is the advisor for the largest club in the school, Key Club. 

"I had a lot of moments of 'Wow, I'm so excited' and 'Wow, am I going to be able to do this justice?'...Am I going to be able to be an ambassador of our over 200,000 teachers?" said Murat. 

Murat says her heart is so much fuller when the kids are around. Even after her long day in Albany yesterday, she was looking forward to join her students at a float meeting. 

Maine-Endwell High School is celebrating and recognizing Murat's accomplishment on Thursday with an all-school event.