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Good News for Tax Payers in the 2020 County Budget

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2020 is rapidly approaching and County Executive Jason Garnar announced the County's intended budget this afternoon.

County Executive Jason Garnar described a detailed 401 million dollar budget, and it contained some good news for tax payers...

Garnar said "I came into a very difficult situation in Broome County... Difficult financial situation and we have really turned the finances in Broome county around... Also what your going to hear tonight is we are making pretty big investments in public safety... We are adding 2 new security personnel in the city of Binghamton... We are also adding three Sheriffs Deputies in the road patrol... And we are making huge investments in infrastructure... We have a brand new veterans center and a brand new workforce development center that is going to come on line in the next 12 months..."

They are also focusing on continuing to improve SUNY Broome Community College.
But the biggest announcement is a .5 percent tax cut. The second year in a row where taxes have gone down.

Garnar continued "I think people want to know that we are being very responsible with the taxpayers money... The upstate New York has some of the highest taxes in the nation... We want to be able to reduce those taxes... You certainly seen news reports where certain municipalities are almost at their taxing limits... They can't tax anymore... And what we want to do in Broome county is we want to do more with less of your money and that's exactly what we've been doing for the last few budgets..."

Garnar usually holds these budget announcements in the community, this time at Gigi's Playhouse, or as they referred to it, the happiest place in Broome County.

Anna Bruce, the Board Vice President and Program Coordinator at Gigi's Playhouse, said "To me it says that we see you and we value what you're doing and your families and we want to empower you... It shows significance to each family that comes in the door and helps them to understand that they have an entire community behind them... Supporting them... And are there for there families and children"

Jason Garnar also announced 10 thousand dollars set aside for Gigi's Playhouse in the 2020 budget.

Garnar said in the address "Less burden on the tax payers more investment in the programs and services we need and deserve... A true win-win for Broome County..."