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Meet This Week's Furry Face: Toby

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Meet this week's adorable Furry Face!

This week we have Toby. This adorable 9-month-old puppy was brought up from South Carolina where he was rescued from Hurricane Dorian. He's a lab-hound mix who is as sweet as pie. Toby is a total attention-hogger. Show him some love and he'll never want you to stop. His favorite is belly rubs. This outgoing pup loves to play and mingle with other dogs. 

All Toby wants is a forever family to love. He's currently waiting for them to come to Every Dog's Dream Rescue to take him home. 

For more information or to adopt Toby, contact Every Dog's Dream Rescue by calling the Petco in Johnson City at (607) 798-1430.

Every Dog's Dream Adoption Center is inside the Petco located at 420 Harry L. Drive in Johnson City.