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Furry Faces: Sugar

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Meet this week's precious Furry Face!

This week we have Sugar. This kitty is just over one year old and she was named Sugar for a reason. You won't meet a cat sweeter than Sugar. She's very affectionate and loves to be held. She loves giving hugs and head kisses. If you're looking for a cuddler, she is it. This friendly cat also loves to play. Her favorite toy is the string, whip one out and she'll be chasing and jumping for it. 

Sugar has been with Every Dog's Dream Rescue for a few months now waiting for her forever family to take her home. For more information or to adopt her, contact Every Dog's Dream Rescue by calling the Petco in Johnson City at (607) 798-1430.

Every Dog's Dream Adoption Center is inside the Petco located at 420 Harry L. Drive in Johnson City.