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Hometown Heroes: Recognizing Chuck Brockner

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This week's Servpro Hometown Heroes segment recognizes Chuck Brockner. The American Red Cross also honored Brockner with the Good Samaritan Adult Award. 

On April 3rd, 2018, Chuck Brockner just arrived to his home on Shaffer Road in Newfield when he heard a loud bang outside.

"I was standing in our dinning room with the window to my left. My wife had just walked in, I looked at her and I just had greeted her as she walked in. And then I heard a BANG, and I turn to my left just in time. It was like dukes of hazard, I saw this car flying through the air upside down," said Brockner. 

After witnessing the car go airborne and strike a tree, he called 911 then ran to the scene of the crash. 

"When I got to the car, it was on its side, the driver's side, the windshield was out, and this person, which I expected to be dead was stuck in the windshield area," said Brockner. 

"The young man was conscious and talking to me and I asked him 'are you okay' he goes 'I think I broke my leg'," added Brockner.

At this time, Brockner noticed a fire in the engine compartment that was growing rapidly and knew he needed to get the man out as quickly as possible. 

"I told him, 'I gotta get you out of this car because you're not going to die today in this car' because the fire kept getting bigger and bigger," Brockner continues to say. 

Brockner tried to pull the driver out but he was wedged under the dashboard. 

"I grabbed his leg, twisted it and yanked it out from under the dash and I dragged him back from the car," Brockner said. 

By the time Newfield Fire Co arrived, the critically injured driver had already been pulled to safety by Brockner. 

Newfield Fire has responded to hundreds, if not thousands of accidents. This was one of the worst. Without Chuck Brockner's actions, the outcome would have been tragically different.