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Students Get Hands-On Experience from BAE Engineers at Annual STEM Camp

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Thirty students from different School District's across the Southern Tier attended a four-day STEM camp at BAE Systems this week.

Students that attending the camp learned problem-solving techniques, design, creativity, coding all as a way to encourage them to continue their education in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.

Engineers on the BAE team helped students through projects focused on artificial intelligence and automation, including coding cars that could detect lines on a piece of paper, racing them around the track as well as putting these cars through a maze in which they detect where collision walls are and finding their way to the end of the puzzle.


Ray Rai, Engineering Director at BAE Systems says, " Artificial intelligence and automation, that's something that's in the mainstream today, we want to give them a taste of that over the four days that they're here. Expose them to various STEM-related fields with the ultimate goal of as they continue their education hopefully getting them to be hired here".