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The Ice Cream Scoop: Hoppie's in Oxford

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Hoppie's is a family shop that offers dozens of ice cream options in Oxford, NY.

“We’re definitely a family-run business,”  said Eleni Spyratos, the daughter of Hoppie's owner.

Customers are greeted by name as they enter the store, and everyone is welcome in Hoppie's.

“A very kid-friendly place, and you can just enjoy ice cream,” said Spyratos.

What is the most popular ice cream?

"Definitely our soft serve," said Spyratos.

Although, some loyal customers disagree.

"The strawberry ice cream, that's really all I eat because I can't really eat ice cream that much, so I'll eat it here because it's so good. It tastes different than what you would buy in the store, to me, it tastes different," said Kaylene White, a customer.

All of the ice cream comes from, "Perry's the distribution company," said Melissa Lashway, a waitress.

Aside from trying all 24 flavors, people keep coming back to Hoppie's because of, "The family atmosphere, the old-fashioned atmosphere," said Lashway.

Hoppie's has been open since the 1950s, and community members have gotten to know the business over the years.

"The owners', they're really good friends. They're really good people. They're understanding," said White.

The owner's take pride in the perks of running a small business.

"You don't get the same connection as you would with a family run business, because either one of us is always here, and saying hi to people when they walk in, and it just makes it that much more heartwarming," said Spyratos.

The Spyratos' hard-work and kindness come with a reward.

"It brings a lot of people in from different places, like bikers travel throughout here and they're like, 'Oh we found this and we decided to stop in,' and it brings families together," said Spyratos.

Hoppie's is open year round and offers limited edition seasonal flavors. For more information: https://www.facebook.com/hoppiesicecream/