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Binghamton University Host 10th Annual Go Green Institute

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Binghamton University welcomed Binghamton Middle School students on campus Wednesday for their annual Go Green Institute.

The Go Green Institute is designed to get students more experience with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math or STEAM.

The ten-day program gives kids have hands-on experience revolving around different green renewable energy sources. 

Students are learning different skills like studying bacterial growth, cleaning up oil spills and even making their own solar panels.

The goal of the Go Green Institute is to get younger people excited in STEAM areas so when they get older they will look to learn more and take on roles in those fields. 

Lynn Schmitt, Assistant Director of the Go Green Institute says, "This gives them a true immersive experience and that happens at such an early age that we really get them while they're still very curious about science and still actively wanting to learn about science. So it helps to maintain that curiosity that love for finding and identifying what makes up this planet".

There are forty-seven students in the program who will present what they've learned throughout the ten-days to different Binghamton University staff and professors on the last day July 19th.