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Giveaway Weekend at the Ross Park Zoo

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The Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park is trying to attract more zoo goers and this weekend they did so with a "Giveaway Weekend".

The first 200 visitors through the gates of the zoo on Saturday were given a free Sticker.

On Sunday the first 200 visitors will be receiving a Binghamton Zoo wristband.

Throughout the month of July, the zoo will be offering fun community-based events to help bump up attendance including an Ice Cream Safari, where zoo goers get to go to the park between the hours of 5-8 seeing the animals in a cooler environment with booths of ice cream across the park.

Ian Jensen, Education Coordinator at the zoo said, "Normally the ticket booth closes at 4 and visitors need to be out at 5 but during our evening events like ice cream safari the visitors get to go through during the evening and see the animals when its cooler throughout the day and the animals are going to be energetic and engaged".