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Broome County Adopts Best Value Award Procurement

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Broome County announced new legislation that'll help boost local businesses and save taxpayer dollars on Wednesday. 

During the June legislative session, county lawmakers voted unanimously to pass a local law allowing the use of Best Value Award. 

The law will provide additional procurement options to expedite the purchasing process, resulting in cost savings and access to local businesses through national cooperative contracts without going out for competitive bid. 

"It's going to allow Broome County to buy much more from local businesses, up to about 65 million dollars more in commodities every year, which is huge," said Broome County Executive Jason Garnar. 

Best Value Award allows the county to "piggyback" on bids led by national cooperatives and other government agencies that have awarded contracts through the best value solicitation and award method, opening procurement options which previously had been unavailable to the county.

"This is a great step for Broome County. By using aggregate purchasing power, it will save taxpayers dollars and allow the county to make more local purchases," said Garnar.