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Chenango Valley's Monster Mash is a Smash with Students

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Chenango Valley High School is teaming up with Chenango Bridge Elementary for the 4th time to bring third-grade students imaginations to life.

Back in the fall of this year, 3rd-grade students at Chenango Bridge took their creativity to paper, creating spooky, scary monsters through their yearly "Monster Mash" program.

Isabella Testani, a 3rd student says, "We used our imaginations and created monsters using different animals and designs".

 Over 70 high school students took part in bringing those creations to life with clay, paint, and mounts.

On Tuesday, Chenango Valley High School ceramics and art teacher Andrew Fitzsimmons revealed the 3D sculptures.


Testani says her monster was inspired by Nickelodeon favorite, Spongebob.

Testani says she's a big fan of SpongeBob and that she chose to make him purple because that was the first color that came to mind.

Carrie Vesci, 3rd-grade art teacher says, "To see these monsters come to fruition is really exciting". 

Andrew Fitzsimmons says, " My students look forward to it, and get excited about it, trying to get 3rd graders jazzed up about art".

"Monster Mash helps teach my students the creative process and conceptual art", says Fitzsimmons.

Some of the monsters on display today included different types of dragons, fish, and even some household animals like cats.