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Owego Apalachin Superintendent Answers Community Questions About School Budget

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Corey Green, Superintendent of Owego Apalachin Schools was at Coburn Free Library on Wednesday answering questions from community members about the upcoming School Budget Vote.


This coming after the school budget failed to be passed back in Late May

The response from the Owego Apalachin Central School District's Board of Education was to cut the tax levy by 1%, bringing over $170,000 of cuts to the district's budget.

Green has spent his time since that meeting reaching out to community members through online question and answer sessions and face-to-face opportunities for residents to ask questions about the school budget.

Green says he hopes people will come out and ask questions and get clarification on things, he says "Typically when they do they do walk away with that clarification".

Green says he's concerned if the budget does not pass on the June 18th, that they would have to go to a contingency budget which would bring over $500,000 of cuts.

Green says, "We have just shy of $300,000 in program by law in contingency that we would be required to be cut. That comes back to student programs and staffing".

Further cuts would also by law, require the school district to charge for youth groups and other groups to come and use their facilities.

Green says, "You know what you do in a school district is important for the community and we want to continue to do that, to offer a great education for students and to help grow the entire community, we want people to come and use our facilities but we lose control of that in a contingency styled budget".