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American Heart Association Hosts Executive Wellness Summit

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According to the American Heart Association(AHA), the average American spends 47 hours a week at their place of employment.

On Wednesday, the AHA hosted nearly 100 Southern Tier business executives and human resource workers to their Workplace Wellness Summit, to teach businesses how to keep their employees healthy at their workplace.

Gina Chapman, Regional Executive Director of the American Heart Association says, "Health care is rising, the cost of health care for individual employees and benefits-- this is a way if you can learn how to keep your employees healthy you'll save on a lot of the short term and long term disability, a lot of the absenteeism that's going to keep people out of work. The longer you can keep people at their job and successfully happy and healthy the longer they will stay in their job".


According to the AHA physical inactivity costs United States employers $9.1 billion per year.

Chapman says, "We're trying to encourage employers to make the healthy choice, the default choice. In our classes today we have experts in the field of HR and wellness coordination, showing other corporate leaders how to be healthy in simple ways-- if you work at a desk can you get an exercise ball as a chair, a treadmill desk, just teaching people how to stay healthy where they are".