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Hometown Heroes: Recognizing Trinity Howe

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Our June 12 ServPro Hometown Heroes segment recognizes Trinity Howe, who was awarded the Good Samaritan Youth Award by the American Red Cross.

At about 9:45 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 12, 2018, Trinity Howe used her tablet to call her father to let him know she was smelling smoke in their house in Owego.

She told him the smell was coming from her brother's room, where he was playing on his game system.

A few minutes later, she went to a neighbor's and called her father again to tell him that smoke was coming from behind a dresser in her brother's room.

Her father told Trinity to hang up and run back to the house, get everybody - including the family's dog outside, and grab shoes and coats for everybody.

He told her to contact a neighbor. Then her father called 911 to report the possibility of a house fire.

Trinity called her dad after she reached their neighbor's home to tell him the house was on fire but that everyone was safe.

Sadly, the fire department wasn't able to save it. After three months of living in a hotel, the family now resides in Candor.

Trinity's dad says if she had not remained calm, as he had taught her to do, the results could have been much worse.

Trinity said she doesn't think what she did was anything special, but to her dad, she's a true hero.