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37 Students for the BOCES PALS and Oak Tree Program Graduate

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As high school graduation season continues, many students are reaching the culmination of all their efforts.

We spoke with one student at the BOCES PALS and Oak Tree Graduation to see how the school system is helping here achieve her dream.

Meet Sidney May. One of 37 students graduating from the BOCES PALS and Oak Tree programs Tuesday, and like many graduates, she is looking forward to the future.

May said "I'm planning to get a job and live on my own and try to get a drivers license and try to be independent of myself"

But that's not all. She has wanted to work with animals ever since she was a kid.

May described her plan for the future, "My goal is actually is being an animal rescuer or a Veterinarian..."

Pals and oak tree are programs that work with students that have special needs... Providing a tailored education focusing on work and life skills that suits their needs...

Rebecca Falank, the PALS Program Principal, said "Students are here because they have lots of abilities but they are not as successful in their home district and they need some extra support and we are able to provide that for them..."

The program has helped Sidney and many others focus in on how to find a field that they can be passionate about.

Sidney May described some of the skills she had learned "BOCES actually help to step up on myself and focus on what your gonna do next... And try to be smart and be yourself and not be someone else and walk on some ones shoes..."