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Siena Poll Shows New Yorkers Favor Gillibrand For Presidential Race

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Poll results released Monday morning by Siena College Research Institute shows out of the three 2020 presidential candidates from the state, New York voters prefer Kirsten Gillibrand.

Gillibrand's favorability rating is at 44-36 percent. According to the poll, both New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and President Donald Trump have a negative favoriability rating, 29-53 percent and 34-63 percent respectively. 

“New York Democrats strongly prefer the hometown senator over the hometown mayor. Gillibrand would easily best de Blasio in every region of the state, including New York City, where she beats him 56-29 percent. Liberals prefer Gillibrand 69-18 percent. De Blasio has a narrow three-point edge with black voters and only trails by eight points with younger voters, however, older voters favor Gillibrand by more than 40 points and white voters favor her by 50 points,” said Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg. “Among only Democrats, Gillibrand has a 55-22 percent favorability rating, while de Blasio has a negative 39-45 percent favorability rating. In New York City, Gillibrand’s favorability rating is 45-30 percent, while de Blasio’s is a negative 39-52 percent.

According to the Siena poll, Trump and de Blasio are neck in neck among upstate voters and in the downstate suburbs, but in both regions Gillibrand is still out in front. 

Voters were also asked if they would support Governor Andrew Cuomo for a fourth term. While his favorability rating is the highest it's been in a year (52-42%), the majority of those surveyed say he should not seek a fourth term (58-37%).

Answering on other hotly debated issues at the end of this legislative season, voters across all political parties answered that they support adding an Equal Rights Amendment to the state constitution. Support for legalizing marijuana is also up, while most voters oppose granting illegal workers drivers licenses.