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Gary's U-Pull It and Don's Automotive Give Cars To Two High School Seniors

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Gary's U-Pull It and Don's Automotive donated two cars to high school after prom parties as part of a 30 year tradition to encourage safe choices on prom night. 

The cars are refurbished by the two businesses and donated to Chenango Valley High School and Windsor High School. 

The winner of the Windsor car says she is going to get good use of her new vehicle going to and from SUNY Broome in the fall. 

"When my name got called I couldn't believe it," says Peyton Clapper, "I was talking about it for so long and my friends were like 'wow, you actually won that!' So, it was really exciting."

Chenango Valley holds their prom this Friday, so one lucky senior will win the second car at the post prom party.

The Chenango Valley chapter of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) says the car raffle is a great pull to get students to attend after prom instead of going to a party somewhere else unsupervised.

"I think it definitely helps encourage them to come and it helps them make that smart decision," says Amanda Wheeler, Co-Advisor for CV SADD.

Wheeler says there are over 90 CV students signed up to attend the after prom party, with a total of more than 100 when you count out-of-district guests.