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'Dolphin Tale' Prosthetist Kevin Carroll Visits Southern Tier

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A world-renowned Prosthetist, Kevin Carroll was in Johnson City to educate amputees about what's available to them with prosthetic technology.


Carroll's known for his work on building the first prosthetic tail fluke for Winter, an Atlantic bottle nose dolphin who was entangled in a crab trap near Cape Canaveral at 3 months old.

Winter's tail fluke would be so severely damaged that they were forced to amputate it to save her life. She would survive but the loss of fluke caused her to swim side to side which could've caused lifelong damage if untreated.

That is when Carroll and his team member Dan Strzempka came up with the prosthetic device that would save Winter's life.

Winter and Carroll's story would be told worldwide in 2011 when the movie "Dolphin Tale" would hit movie screens across the country winning 4 awards.

On Wednesday, Carroll the Vice President of Prosthetics for Hanger Clinic was in the Southern Tier helping patients like 4-year-old Aurora French try out their new prosthetics.

Aurora's mother, Hunter said, "Aurora was born with PFFD (Proximal femoral focal deficiency), which affects your femur bone, so currently it is 6 inches shorter than her other leg".

Carroll said of Aurora, " To see her get in her new leg today and taking off on it just instantly running on the little prosthesis, delighted with it, the new one has an articulated ankle so she has a lot more mobility when she walks and runs so we're very excited about the future for her".

Carroll met with patients throughout the day from 8 am to 5 pm.