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Bainbridge-Guilford Central School District Add New Safety Measures

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The Bainbridge-Guilford Central School District hosted a safety forum Tuesday evening to give students, parents, and community members a chance to learn about new safety measures being implemented by the district. 

Among the district's added security includes bringing in a School Resource Officer in January. 

At the forum, students, parents, and community members had the chance to hear from SRO Dan Demer and what added security he can bring to the school. 

 "We do need that trust where they can tell us, tell their parents, tell someone that will either get a hold of law enforcement or we will get a hold of law enforcement," said Demer to the audience. 

The school district also announced the use of technology to improve security including putting in a new system that will scan the licenses of parents, notifying school staff or law enforcement of any potential threats.

New York State Police trooper Shannon Hartz also gave a presentation during the forum on juuling and keeping kids safe from dangers they can face while online or using the internet.