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4th Annual Mother's Day Tu Tu Run

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Dozens of runners made their way to the Vestal Coal House on Sunday to take part in the 4th annual Mother's Day Tu Tu Run.

Although the weather didn't want to cooperate on Sunday that didn't stop runners from pushing through the 2.2 mile course... Tu Tu's and all.

For some like Claire Haynes, the yearly Mother's Day run has become a family tradition, bringing together loved ones to help support Mom's House a non-profit child care center for low-income single parents.

Haynes says, "it's fun to have a dress up portion for the race and we make the Tu Tu's ourselves, we were finishing them up last night together as a family, it has just become a tradition".

The race was held at the Vestal Coal House where live race times were posted on site as well as live music and post race refreshments.