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Police: Apalachin Shooting Does Not Appear To Be Random Act of Violence

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UPDATE 5:15pm: Police say they are currently questioning two subjects in connection to the homicide on Dorothy Road on Thursday morning. No one has been charged yet. They do not believe it was a random act of violence.

UPDATE: Police are now calling the second man in Thursday morning's deadly home invasion on Dorothy Road in Tioga Terrace a "person of interest." Police say the suspect is in custody.

Dozens of SWAT team members have joined the large-scale investigation in the Tioga Terrace community.  One man was shot and killed in his home at 5 Dorothy Road.

Police say troopers were dispatched to the home at 5:55 a.m. Police say a man and woman lived in the home. They say a female told them two men entered the house and shot the man. She was not injured. Police say the second man fled on foot.

White male, approximately 5 ft. 8 in. 
Last seen wearing black pant, black coat and construction boots.

Police do not know his state of mind at this time. But say there is no immediate threat to any nearby schools.

Tioga Hills Elementary was closed this morning. The school is just a ten minute walk from Dorothy Rd. The Vestal Central School District has since resumed afternoon bus runs.

Neighbors say the two dead end roads, Dorothy Rd and West Glann Rd, are usually quiet. Police tape is stretched across well kept lawns while down the street a mother loads two young children into a mini van. 

"You know, there's people walking all the time up and down the street. Lots of dog walkers," says Pat Morrissey, "It's just a really friendly, quiet street."

Morrissey has been watching the investigation through his front door. He says his wife woke him up this morning and told him to keep all the doors locked while she left for work.

Very few residents were outside this morning. Most watched from behind doors and windows while a SWAT team canvassed the area, walking through yards and searching in garbage cans and shrubs.

Police say the second man fled on foot. Anyone with information should call 911.

Police say it happened at 5:30 a.m. on Dorothy Rd. near Glann Road and Tioga Hills Elementary School. Vestal schools canceled school for the day.

Troop C Commander Major Brian Shortall says there is no sign the suspect was headed to any nearby schools. Vestal and Union-Endicott School District issued district-wide lockouts. Shortall says these were precautionary and were the decision of the superintendents. 

They say two residents were home at the time, a male and a female, who was not hurt.