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Section IV Girls Basketball Coaches Pleased with NPSPHSAA Vote

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The NYSPHSAA voted 12-10 to keep the girls basketball NCAA rules with high school modification on Thursday.

“For us to be using these rules is a benefit to the girls that play,” said Chad Freije, head girls basketball coach at Susquehanna Valley High School. "It seemed across the state overwhelmingly that coaches supported keeping the NCAA rules."

Though excited about the outcome of the vote, Section IV coaches were unhappy to learn many of their athletic directors did not vote to keep the NCAA rules.

Ben Nelson, Executive Director of Section IV, believes the high school rules should be implemented as a reminder the students are in high school, receiving excessive modifications, like the high school three point line.

Coaches believe the NCAA rules keep the game moving, namely with rules like the fouls resetting every quarter.

“We do our best to keep our rules progressive and up to date," said Freije. "To add waivers would make it harder and a huge step back.”

This proposal has been subject of NYSPHSAA vote three times in the past decade, controversial each time.

“Hopefully this sits on the table and they realize that we New York has some of the best rules in the country,” said Freije.