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Grippen Park in Endicott Held Largest Gold Cup BMX Qualifier East of the Mississippi

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Thousands of people from around the United States and as far as Brazil were in Endicott this weekend for the Gold Cup BMX Qualifier.

Nearly 700 racers from around the world competed in Endicott and according to an economic impact study done by the American Bicycle Association this event brings in nearly $250,000 dollars to the local economy.

Kasie Proventcal, Media Relations Coordinator at Grippen Park says to qualify for the finals,“You have to have 2 really good qualifies and for most you need to  to have 2 first place wins going into the gold cup final".

Proventcal also stated, " they only give out 3 gold cup plates per region, that means in every age group there's only 12 plates in the whole country and it's one the most coveted plates to earn “.

Fox 40 spoke with one former cup champion David Albert of Massachusetts, who is looking to race his way back to one of the sports biggest stages.

Albert is currently ranked 2nd in the Northeast for his class.

Albert said, “For me it doesn't matter if I don't win as long as i feel good on the bike that's what makes me happy, it can be scary if you're not feeling well but when you're on it feels real good... you're excited after”.

Albert says his favorite thing about BMX are the relationships he's made along the way.

The Gold Cup Series hosted by DK Bikes will have this years championships in Shoreham, New York.