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The Carnegie Library- A Chance to Witness Historic Preservation

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The Preservation Association of the Southern Tier conducted a Hard Hat Tour of Binghamton's historic Carnegie Library on Saturday.

For almost two decades the doors of the old Carnegie Library have been closed off to the public but on Saturday Fox40 as well as PAST members got an exclusive tour of one of Binghamton's timeless treasures.

Built in 1903, the Carnegie Library has stood as a major landmark in Downtown Binghamton for nearly a century, until a new library opened up in 2000

Roger Luther, Executive Director of Past said, " For 15 years it's been deteriorating, amazingly Broome County decided to take the building through emanate domain and shortly after SUNY Broome showed interest in it and here we are now... it has been an amazing success story for local preservation".  

Now Suny Broome is turning the historic landmark into the home of their new culinary school, but not without the help of a time capsule found in the cornerstone of the building a few years back.

Inside the cornerstone was a 1901 map of Binghamton, newspapers, a city directory as well as the buildings floor plans.

Luther says that the plans are actually being used and that they needed that information to help work on the building.

Contractors are now turning back the pages, rebuilding the Carnegie building the same way it was done back in 1903.