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Mike Mussina Visits Baseball Hall of Fame Ahead of 2019 Induction

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Six years after his initial appearance on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot, former Yankees pitcher Mike "Moose" Mussina will be inducted into the hallowed halls of Cooperstown. He visited the Hall of Fame on Thursday ahead of July's induction, signing the spot where his plaque will hang and touring the place he will be forever enshrined.

Over the course of his 18 year career, Moose won 270 games, posted a 3.68 ERA, made 21 starts in 23 playoff appearances, and earned five All-Star selections. He began his career with ten seasons as a Baltimore Oriole, and spent the last eight years of his time in the MLB in pinstripes. 

"You knew the day you went to spring training that the last game of the regular season was going to mean something," said Mussina. "We're going to be in September and pushing for something important."

He will be inducted alongside longtime teammate Mariano Rivera, who visited the HOF earlier this year. The two had a symbiotic relationship as starter and closer, and their plaque placement will mirror that - one directly above the other. 

Mussina will not enter the HOF as a Yankee or an Oriole. His career numbers were very similar, as was his time spent with each team. He decided to forgo a logo to be remembered for who he was, not what team he represented. 

"I pitched against a lot guys whose plaques are already up in here and I pitched against some guys who are going to get the chance to be here," said Mussina. "I'm fortunate that I played in that era. I played with guys who achieved a lot in this game and I'm just proud and honored to be considered one of them."