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Officers teach locals what to do in active shooter situation

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Members of the Town of Binghamton Neighborhood Watch hosted a special presentation Thursday evening in hopes to keep residents safe during violent situations. 

Held at the Town of Binghamton Community Center, the presentation "Civilian Response to an Active Shooter Situation" provided residents with effective strategies that can increase their chance of survival during active shooter situations or other violent incidents The presentation is a response to the violence Americans are experiencing across the country.

Those who attended learned lessons including how to behave in high stress situations and recognizing and remembering exit routes. They also learned that developing a plan and strategy and having it ready for use in case they run across such situation can dramatically increase their chance of survival. 

“Well, the most important thing to come away from this ‘what you do matters," said Lt. Christopher Streno of the Vestal Police Department. "And that’s what we’re teaching them. What they do matters, and what they know, what they think, how they act., can save their lives and other peoples."

The program is designed to provide people with knowledge that will empower and give them the confidence to survive an active shooter attack.