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Seton Catholic Central's Chemistry Comes Together On The Court, Starting With The Saints Starting Five

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Binghamton, N.Y. - Heading into the 2018-19 season Seton Catholic Central girls basketball team wasn't entirely sure what to expect after graduating unbelievable players like Hannah Straw and Ava McCann. The lack of depth forced the Saints to lean on more than just their skill, but their chemistry with one another. From there, chemistry developed even more than in year's past, starting from their only seniors, their leaders, Marina Maerkl and Julia Hauer.

"Julia and Marina have seen leadership in the past and have learned how to lead" said head coach Colleen Jayne. "The girls are constantly asking them questions and they both have done a great job of reminding everyone that they can do things they may not think their capable of doing. They express that each player is a pivotal part of the team and are always making sure everyone trying their best every single day."

The Dynamic duo's chemistry has trickled down to the Saints starting five, ending with the entire Saints team.

"Last year we had all these skilled players so it kind of came easy" said Julia Hauer. Then you know, they graduate and I really think what has replaced that and what makes us such an amazing team is the chemistry behind us. Everybody just loves each other this year. Past year's has been the same but somethings different this year."

Some could say opposites attract or that there's nothing more special than completely different basketball players coming together on the court and feeding off of one another. When you look at the Saints starting five you'll see Marina, Julia, Emily Dempsey, Bridget Martin and Reese Vaughan.

Each player makes a difference in every game in their own kind of way.

Emily Dempsey

Consistency at the 3-point line.

"If I can't shoot I know Emily's gonna go out there and knock down a three" said Julia.

"You have Emily who's probably shooting the best she has all year after having a concussion and having to sit out she's worked hard to get back." said Colleen.

Bridget Martin

Excels at the intangibles, her fight and hussle

"Bridget just does so many intangible things on the floor. Maybe it doesn't show in the stats but she's always on the floor after the loose ball. Always around the rim and in good position to make things happen" Colleen said.

Reese Vaughan

Consistency on both sides of the floor

"If I'm having a bad game with lay-ups, Reese is gonna drive down the court and have a full court lay-up and tie the game" said Julia.

"Reese of course has just gotten better and better as the years go on" said Colleen. "Handling the ball, driving to the basket, she can shoot. She is one of the best defenders we have and has that responsibility every night to not only handle our offense but probably defend the other teams best player."

Marina Maerkl

Dependable, versatile

"Marina can step outside and shoot the three, but she can also take somebody smaller inside and dominate on the post." said Colleen

Julia Hauer

Animated, confident, consistent

"Julia has many assets to her game and such footwork that is unbelievable for her size where you don't think she can do some opf the things she can. Before you know she's past you" said Colleen.

The entire Seton team fights hard on the basketball court, all excelling at their roles.

" I got great kids coming off the bench. They're doing a really good job at their roles". said Colleen

"You know, we all fill in each others gaps and it comes together as a whole" said Julia.

(14-4) Seton will take their chemistry and diversity to their Class A quarterfinal game on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. against Section 9's Roosevelt at Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena.