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Athletes Two Athletes Charity Basketball Game Helping Local Families

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Johnson City teachers battle it out on the hardwood Thursday night in a charity basketball to help local families.

Athletes Two Athletes or "A2A" is a student run organization that started in 2011 to help give back to the community. Their big fundraiser is a friendly basketball game between members of the high school staff and members of the K through 8 staff. Since 2011 A2A has raised over $52,000.

This year there were two families that the organization wanted to help.

One family is the Vandermark family. Jackson Vandermark is a four year old boy who needs a heart transplant. His father is a Johnson City Police Officer and A2A wanted to do their part to help out. Co-Chairmen of A2A Joe Schive wanted to help give back to those who serve our community so faithfully. "Him being a JC police officer was saw this as a great opportunity to help and give back to him".

Another family that A2A reached out and wanted to help was the Taylor family. Candice Taylor and her family always show up and support the community. Candice has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Schieve wanted to help the Taylor family since they always helping around the community. "They give so much to the community we thought we could give back to him" 

Lastly honored at the game was former wildcat Anthony Johns. Johns graduated from Johnson City in 2014. He was on the football team and was a runner up at sectionals for wrestling. On December 31st, 2018 Johns suffered a sever injury that caused doctors to amputate his leg just above his knee. A2A honored him with a $500 gym membership as he wants to train to be apart of the Special Olympics Wrestling squad.

Also Broome County Executive Jason Garnar wasn't just at the game, he played in the game. Garnar said that A2A reached out and asked him to be an honorary referee but he saw an opportunity to jump on the court and help a goof cause and the community. "They are just rallying around these two families and giving back to the community in a really fun way i mean this is great to see hundreds of people in this gym tonight giving back trying to help these families what more could you ask”