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City of Binghamton Explores Options on Fire Stations

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Binghamton City Council unanimously voted Wednesday night to contract Emergency Services Consulting International(ESCI) to do research and studies on whether or not consolidating two of Binghamton's Fire stations is the right move.

ESCI will be looking into the impact on response times, public and firefighters safety, insurance and other factors.

Binghamton Mayor Rich David said, "The City has several fire stations some of which are older than others... some of which are going to need significant upgrades and repairs so we thought this would be a good time to look at the concept of merging some of them together and build a new fire station and perhaps merge two of the current stations together”.

The two stations currently in mind for consolidation are the North and East side stations located at 39 State Street and 176 Robinson Street.

Dave Holleran, Union President of the Binghamton Professional Firefighters Association has concerns of his own concerning the merge stating, 

“Our primary concerns are the effect on response times to the areas that those two stations serve currently and how they'd be served from a consolidated station, areas north of north side station and east of east side station will be impacted negatively by the move to a more centralized location".

Mayor David says that the study will cost no more than $23,780 and will take several months to complete.