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Residents Express Ways To Improve Housing In Broome County

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Broome County Safe Housing Task Force met with residents in a public meeting Tuesday evening to hear what housing issues are impacting them.

Residents had the chance to share their experiences and stories while also offering suggestions on what the county can do to improve housing. 

"We need to do a lot better job of providing more safe affordable housing," said Jason Garnar, Broome County Executive. "A part of what tonight was about was talking to people in the community neighborhoods and getting their ideas on things and talking about some of the recommendations that we're starting to work towards to get what their input is on it as well."

According to Garnar, one important issue brought up in Tuesday's meeting is lack of affordable housing in the county. 

"It came across very loud and clear to the people that I talk to that there has to be some type of inspection made in their home inspection passed before we provide the housing assistance," said Garnar. 

Garnar created the Safe Housing Task Force last September to improve the quality of housing in the county.

"Cracking down on the code violations and making sure that if we’re going to give you rental assistance, if you’re eligible for it, and we give it to you, that we’re making sure that those landlords are providing really good quality housing as well," said Garnar.. 

Garnar said other recommendations residents said include the county providing and sharing more data.

"Tonight was really a start in the right direction and coming up with actual action items we can take through this process," said Garnar.