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Six Jurors Sworn In For The Double Murder Re-Trial Of Aaron Powell

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Six jurors have been sworn in to sit through the six week trial for Aaron Powell, accused of killing his estranged wife Christina Powell and Mario Masciarelli in 2013. Powell was previously convicted of the crime in 2014, but that conviction was overturned in 2017 due to a conflict of interest with a juror. 

When jury selection began for Powell's second trial, there were around 100 prospective jurors. After the first day of preliminary questioning, that was narrowed down to around 40 jurors who reported to court for day two on Tuesday morning. Many were dismissed due to previous knowledge of the case or knowing individuals involved in the trial. The length of the trial (six weeks) also caused an issue for potential jurors, who cited financial hardship and the inability to arrange childcare as reasons they couldn't sit on this particular case. 

While talking to potential jurors, prosecutors explained that this case is built mostly on circumstantial evidence and there aren't eye witnesses. The defense reminded the jury pool that Powell is innocent until proven guilty and his past conviction and the charges in this case are not evidence.

A fresh jury pool will be called into Broome County Court on Wednesday morning to continue the process until all the seats are filled. Testimony is expected to begin on Monday or Tuesday of next week.