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Over 900 Lives Saved In Memory Of Trooper Christopher Skinner

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It's been nearly five years since New York State Trooper Christopher Skinner's last watch, but he continues to protect and serve his community through an annual blood drive held in his memory. The American Red Cross says over 900 lives have been saved with blood given in Skinner's name.

"The ripple effect if you think about how many lives those 900 lives touched, it's a great testament to the man that he was," says Theresa Blank, Senior Account Manager at the American Red Cross.

"It's to hopefully bring something positive from his death," says Major William McEvoy, the Troop C Commander. 

Skinner served for 13 years in Troop C. The Kirkwood barracks where fellow troopers, friends, and family stopped in to donate blood on Wednesday was his station. In May 2014, a routine traffic stop turned into a tragedy when Skinner was struck and killed instantly by a pickup truck. That truck was driven by Almond Upton, who was convicted and sentenced to life without parole in 2016. Upton just died on December 12th at the age of 64.

Fellow Troop C officers remember Skinner as a man who loved his job, family, and community. 

"He loved being out there helping people," says McEvoy. 

McEvoy says this blood drive and the amount of people its helped is a fitting way to honor Skinner, carrying on his legacy of helping others. 

The American Red Cross says the donations from this year's drive are even more significant as the nation's blood banks have reached a dangerously low point. Blank says locally there's only about two days worth of blood supply on the shelves.

The community can stop and give blood at the Five Mile Point Fire Station until 6pm on Wednesday. If you can't make it out, the Red Cross will be set up in the Oakdale Mall starting December 28th through January 2nd.