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Care Compass Network Holds End of Year Stakeholders Meeting

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Care Compass Network(CCN),  a not for profit organization is helping to provide Medicaid and community members, higher quality care while reducing expenses.

The organization held their end of the year stakeholders meeting Friday morning at the Holiday Inn, in Downtown Binghamton.

Over 100 people were in attendance for the event including members of the local hospitals, providers and community organizations across the Southern Tier.

Mark Ropiecki, Executive Director of CCN said " It helps to think differently about how care is delivered in New York State, focused in the Southern Tier and looking at how we can build relationships, build collaborations and bring some innovation and technology into the Southern Tier so care is more accessible in our community”:

Data from CCN shows that in the past year alone the organization has reached almost 100,000 people and their next project which is already seeing results is reducing avoidable hospital emergency room visits.

Ropiecki says "We've had great results with the adult population by 22% and pediatrics by 49% were working hard at avoidable hospital emergency room visits”